7 Advantages of Managed IT Services for Small Businesses

Your small business depends on technology to drive productivity and simplify tasks. You need professional support for when your computer network is not behaving, but you may not have the budget to hire a full-time IT professional. Managed IT services can help provide you the expertise you need without breaking your wallet.

No Need for an Internal IT Team

Even though your company has IT needs, you may not have enough needs to keep a full-time IT professional busy all day every day. On top of that, the high salary of an IT professional could stop you from making investments elsewhere in your business. Managed IT services brings you the best of both worlds. You get the expertise of a seasoned IT professional whenever you need them without the headache of going through the hiring process. Even if you have in-house IT staff, managed IT services can take the tedious tasks off their hands so they can focus their valuable time on higher priority tasks.

Managed IT Grows With Your Business

As your company grows, so will your IT needs.  Managed IT service providers grow alongside you, meeting those needs and making sure you have the level of support you need. You’ll have exactly what you need for your business each step of the way.

Gain Access to IT Expertise

Technology is the foundation of small businesses. However, as a business owner, you are always strained for time. This makes understanding the ins and outs of your technology arduous and time-consuming. Instead, focus on your core areas and let the managed IT service provider bring the specialized IT knowledge you need at only a fraction of the cost of an employee.

Pay Only for the IT Support You Need

Full-time employees get paid even when there is no project or task to work on. How much free time would a full-time IT staff have at your small business? With managed IT services, you only pay for the support you need rather than paying for an idle worker.

Make Strategic Decisions

Managed service providers provide knowledge on the latest technologies and trends so you can make an educated decision on where to take your business. You’ll never be alone when planning your IT strategy as your business grows and changes.

Leverage Established Vendor Relationships

You may only call a vendor occasionally to order hardware or software, but managed IT service providers have to contact them on a regular basis. They have close relations with these companies which helps with getting faster responses and access to better pricing.

Get Your Technology Projects Completed

As a small business, your employees may have to wear many hats. Everyone helps out where they are needed. The problem starts when employees start to prioritize other tasks over infrastructure changes. Managed IT services lets you have a dedicated, reliable team that finishes the job on schedule while letting your employees do their job.

It’s an undeniable fact that you need a strong IT foundation in order to succeed in today’s economy. Having larger competitors with more cash flow does not mean you have to give up a strong technology infrastructure. You don’t have to spread your resources to hire an in-house IT department when you don’t have the needs to keep them busy. Managed IT services allows you to get the support and advice you need while filling in any expertise gaps. All on your terms.

Still not convinced managed IT services is a fit for your small business? Learn more about BDS’s managed IT services or contact us today for a free network assessment.

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