Business Data Services Can Help Administrators Too

When someone tells you they work for an IT company, what is the first thing that pops into your head? A computer repair company? A website development company? While it is true that IT companies do repair computers and some may even do web development, but what we really do is find technology solutions to improve every aspect of a business. That means we can improve administrative processes and streamline the supply chain from manufacturing to the customer receiving the product.

The reason Business Data Services is not merely a PC repair service is that technology has grown to touch every aspect of our lives. This means we have to look at more than just how a computer works but how technology affects a business and its operations as a whole. Even though your business has different departments, they require interaction in order to provide the perfect experience for your customers.

One of the departments that businesses depend on the most is administration. This is because it’s the administrator’s job to coordinate and schedule the company’s workflow and resources. When you implement technology to relieve the pressure on their shoulders, you improve the overall all operations of your entire company. For this reason, Business Data Services does not focus solely on computer repair. Rather, our team constantly studies technology that will enhance your business.

In the case of administrators, they constantly find they don’t have enough time to tie up loose ends. Although Business Data Services hasn’t found a way to create more time, we can take time-consuming technology chores off of your administrator’s hands and essentially provide them with extra time.

One of those time-consuming tasks is managing all the company’s login credentials. This can be a demanding task as every new hire needs to be set-up correctly in order to have access to the right files and every employee that is let go needs to be removed from the network as well as cloud applications.

Most administrators are extremely busy and more often than not find themselves pulled in several different directions due to their large amount of responsibilities. Their hectic schedules can make it easy for an administrator to neglect a “minor” detail like deleting someone’s login credentials when they are let go. In this case, Business Data Services can be your administrative assistant by managing your network’s credentials. With Managed Services from Business Data Services, all your administrator has to do is notify us whenever there is an addition to your team or when someone is let go and we will take care of the rest.

Maybe you haven’t thought about all the ways our IT services can improve your business. With all the talk about computers and gadgets, it can be easy to miss. We deal with many businesses in the Kansas City metro area. Just like your business, they all have departments and use technology to improve their business operations. We would be happy to share these solutions with you to enhance your business. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368.

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