How Phishing Can Hurt Your Organization

Having been around technology for a while, you’ve probably heard about phishing at one time or another. You may even know someone who was a victim of phishing! While phishing that is targeted towards a consumer is more common, there are phishing campaigns made specifically for organizations which can produce more severe consequences.

Ways Phishing Can Hurt Your Organization

  1. Steal/Delete Confidential Information: Most commonly, hackers a looking to steal login credentials. When targeted towards a small business like yours, those credentials are most likely linked to important documents. In the wrong hands, those documents can leak confidential client information onto the dark web or to competitors. In extreme cases, hackers may even delete the data after they take it. This is when having a good backup can come in handy.
  2. Ruin Brand And Customer Loyalty: Hackers can also steal the credentials to outward facing parts of your company like social media or your website. Once they have access to this, they can launch more phishing or malware attacks aimed at your customers. If that happens, you’ll lose current and future business from those customers.
  3. Spy On Your Organization: Once hackers have someone’s credentials, they could potentially gain a foothold in your network. If they do that, they can plant spyware to gather more information on your organization. This information can then be used for more targeted campaigns like spear phishing or CEO Fraud.
  4. Bank Fraud: Certain phishing campaigns’ goals are to get you to transfer money to a hacker’s bank account. This is a tactic hackers use against both consumers and businesses. Remember the Nigerian prince email? This is a more well-known bank fraud phishing campaign.

A great first step to stopping phishing emails against your company and employees is having a Security Assessment done for your company’s IT network. This will show you the strengths and weaknesses of the security you have in place right now. It is available free for qualifying companies. Another great way to protect your business is with a spam filter or anti-virus. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to schedule a meeting to talk about how to protect your business from phishing!

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