How To Keep Your Employees From Leaking Confidential Information

Years ago, there was a company named Code Spaces. They had a niche business and no shortage of customers. Despite being successful for 7 years, the didn’t have a solid backup for their data. It only took one cyberattack to force Code Spaces to close their doors. What method did the hacker use? An ordinary phishing attack and an unsuspecting Code Space employee.

In this day and age, employees and users pose the largest risks to a company. While your IT staff are trained to spot phishing attempts or strange attachments, could you say the same for the receptionists or sales team?

Employee Risk Management

Here are some things you can do to manage the risk of employees falling for cyberattacks:

  1. Educate Employees: Although your employees may know not to click on links or open attachments in strange emails, cyber criminals have greatly improved since the “African Prince” days. Cyber criminals have actually become so sophisticated that they can make an email appear to come from a co-worker despite the body sounding funny. All it takes is one click to compromise the system. In these cases, your employees need to be trained to call the IT department. You also need to train employees on good passwords. If they keep using birthdays, pet names, or “password”, then a randomly generated password from IT professionals is better. If possible, enforce a multi-factor authentication method.
  2. Establish Remote Work Policies: You can’t always stop an employee from working at home or at a coffee shop down the road. But you can invest in software to manage your data in case a laptop gets lost or stolen. Also, remind your employee that they should never leave their device unattended. This can lead to malware, spyware or loss of sensitive documents.
  3. Controlling Malicious Employee Behavior: Although all businesses don’t want this to happen, there could be a time where employees leave on bad terms. Whether they are trying to set themselves up for a future job or set you up for a vengeful fall, you need to prevent this type of behavior. Whenever an employee leaves the company for any reason, you need to change their passwords or remove their account completely. This goes for the domain and any cloud service may have.

That’s a lot of work for an already busy SMB owner! Fortunately, there is a company that does this day in day out. That company is Business Data Services. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to learn about our Free IT Security Assessment or apply here!

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