How To Make Sure Your Firewall and Anti-virus Never Get Out of Date

As a wary business owner, you’ve probably heard news about data breaches and viruses targeting businesses. So you took it into your own hands to protect your business and customer data. After all, you didn’t want to be on the local news for getting hit by ransomware. This led you to go to the local electronics store to get some anti-virus software and a firewall. Going back to the office, you installed the anti-virus on all of the computers and put in the firewall all by yourself. Now you’re protected from hackers! Fast forward a few months later, you find an employee got a virus on their computer. You think to yourself, “How could they get a virus when I have a firewall and antivirus?”

Having a Firewall and Anti-virus is Half the Battle

Just having a firewall and anti-virus is not good enough. Both the firewall and anti-virus need to be regularly updated in order to work correctly. There are hundreds of new hacks coming out every single day. If your either your firewall or your anti-virus is not up-to-date, then those hacks can get past your security measures.

While the anti-virus may be easy to update, have you actually checked to make sure the updates are being installed? Some employees may see the pop-up notification prompting for an update but may choose to ignore it. If that is the case, that computer may end up malware that will give hackers a foothold to spread into other parts of the network.

If you have to check every single computer for anti-virus updates, that can be taking up your valuable time and prevent you from doing high priority tasks like focusing on industry trends and getting new customers.

Save Time and Money With Managed Services

That’s where Managed Services come in. Managed Services from Business Data Services make sure your anti-virus updates are being applied correctly. If there is a problem, we work to remediate them immediately. Most of the time, our team of experts will know about the problem before you do since we will monitor your network 24/7. With Managed Services, you can even make sure anti-virus stays on and installed. Every company has the usual suspect that turns it off!

If you want to learn more about Managed Services and the costs, we highly recommend the report on our front page. This will tell you how much to pay for IT support in the Kansas City area. You can also find out more about how the IT industry works. If you are ready to learn more about Managed Services from Business Data Services, give us a call at 913-239-0368.

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