How to Protect Your Website from Hackers

Some business owners paid good money to make their website as good as possible while others have painstakingly learned how to build their own website to keep overhead down. No matter what road brought you here, your website is an essential part of your business that presents news to customers, helps customers order your products, or helps you get new business. When it comes to getting new business through a website, you need to drive traffic to it. A couple of those ways is pay-per-click advertisements or Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If done correctly, these are sure-fire ways to drive traffic to your website and increase sales. Over time, people will gain awareness of your company’s brand and you will gain their trust!

A trusted website with good traffic is exactly what hackers love. For a hacker, it’s far easier to hack a good website that has customers’ trust than create that trust from the ground up. This makes your website a target. If they compromise it, that not only hurts your business and sales, but it damages the customers’ trust and sometimes can never be won back. What can you do to protect your website and business?

#1: Install Security Plugins/Apps

30% of websites are powered by WordPress. Chances are you or your web developer used this to build your website! If so, a great security plugin to use is Wordfence. This plugin can block hackers trying to hack into your website with brute-force attack methods. It can also block IPs that are known to be malicious.

#2: No Default Usernames + Strong Passwords

Make sure you deactivate the default username. Default usernames can be found out by anyone and often listed everywhere on the internet. If the hacker knows it, they are one step closer to getting into your website. You should also have a complex password. The password should be at least 8 characters and contain 1 upper and 1 lower case, 1 number, and 1 special character. This will help prevent a brute force attack attempt.

#3: Update Your Website

By updating your website, we don’t mean the contents and pictures. We mean the firmware, plugins/apps, and themes. Leaving these out of date is the same as leaving your computers and servers updated. You ARE updating them, right? Updating the firmware, plugins/apps, and themes will help close any security holes that hackers and exploit and sometimes help make your website function better. We recommend you backup your website before applying any update just in case there is a problem.

#4: Hosting

Although not a major problem, having your website hosted by a third party means you trust they are doing their part to keep your website and data secure. With all the recent news of companies failing to do this, you never know if a hosting company is doing it correctly. Not to mention the fact that they could put your website on the same server hackers are on. Hosting providers will almost always say they are securing your website. But if they are not from an IT security background, chances are they missed something that IT security pros do day in, day out.

Are you looking for secure website hosting and maintenance? Look no further. We lock down websites the same way we secure regular business servers. We don’t treat it any different because it is a website. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to find out more about our hosting and maintenance services!

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