Is your company ready to integrate IoT devices into your network?

These days, there are more and more “smart” devices to make things more convenient. There are smart refrigerators, smart light bulbs, and even smart fish tank thermometers! Being a customer-oriented business, you probably want to show how fast your company adapts to new technology. Having new technology creates buzz among your customers and staff along with improving efficiency. On the other hand, IoT devices tend to be made for consumers rather than businesses. That means the manufacturers don’t focus on certain aspects that would be important for businesses.

One of those aspects is security. Although this is a growing topic with consumers these days, business owners have been concerned about security for a long time. If an IoT device is not built with security in mind, then it can lead to a data breach. That’s what happened to this unnamed casino which got hacked through a “smart thermostat”. Hackers were able to gain a foothold in the network through this smart thermostat. From there, they managed to access the database of high-roller gamblers and steal that information.

How to integrate IoT devices

While IoT devices pose a threat security-wise, you may still want to integrate it with your company network to help improve your workflow or team efficiency.

1: Research

Before doing anything, you should research your product. Look at the reviews and see if any security researchers have looked into it. If it is a brand-new product, wait 6 months to a year before you buy it. That way, any problems can be revealed before you make an investment.

2: Consult an Expert

After your research period, you can consult an IT security expert. Even though an IoT device has no reviews or news of security breaches, that doesn’t mean that it is completely secure. By consulting an IT security expert, you can set up the necessary precautions to keep you and your customers safe.

3: Isolate

In some cases, you may be able to isolate an IoT device from your database and servers. This is something your IT staff or a locally trusted IT company like Business Data Services can do for you. Let the experts do it so you can focus on the growth of your company.

Each company is different. What may work for another business may not work for yours. It’s best to talk about IoT and what your goals are in person to create a plan that fits your unique situation. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to find out more!

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