IT Disaster Recovery Planning: How to Protect Your Small Business From Devastating Disasters That Can Ruin Your Business in 2018

Many people have New Year’s resolutions to lose weight or become healthier. As a small business owner, have you thought about setting a New Year’s resolution for your business? After seeing the types of data leaks and surge in ransomware in 2017, a good New Year’s resolution for your company would be to increase IT security and do some Disaster Recovery Planning.


When many people hear the word disaster, they think about natural disasters likes floods, tornadoes, or fires. However, these types of events only make up a small percentage of what Business Data Services considers disasters. A disaster in the IT world is something that results in massive data loss or stops a whole company from being able to work. When it comes to these type of disasters, you’ll find that the problem is often human related.

Costs of a Disaster

Any disaster, whether natural or man-made, has the ability to wipe out your data completely. Would your business be able to keep running if your loss all of your data? If it were a smaller disaster, how much money would your company lose? One of the costs associated with downtime is the cost of employees not being able to work. Here is a formula:

Number of Employees Affected by an IT Outage X Average Employee Hourly Cost (NOT WAGES)

+ Average Company Hourly Income X Percentage of Income Lost Due to the IT Outage


This formula will help you judge how much downtime you are okay with. Chances are, it isn’t that long. Other things you need to factor in is the loss of immediate sales and/or clients, brand damage, costs of repair (consultation, parts, etc.), and more.

Putting Together Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Whether you are a small business or have multiple locations nationwide, the goals of an IT disaster recovery plan remains the same:

  • Strengthen infrastructure and data security
  • Reduce data loss
  • Prevent downtime and reduce the time to recover

You probably aren’t a fortune teller and neither are we. However, we’ve found that most cases you hear in the news are due to not regularly patching the IT network or not having a backup. By doing proper business continuity planning, you can cross one more thing off of your checklist. In terms of patching your network, Business Data Services’ Managed Services is a great and cost-effective solution for small business owners that don’t have in-house IT. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to find out more.

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