Managed IT Services vs. Break-Fix: Which Is More Cost-Effective?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” I would say the same. That’s why I honestly believe the managed IT services is the best choice for my clients. It provides SMBs the expert support they need in a cost-effective package.

I find the “times and materials” approach is only beneficial for clients who have a competent IT person or team that proactively maintains their network. These clients can help augment their IT team on an as-needed basis to fill in gaps of expertise or help with projects they don’t have time to do (like network upgrades, installing a comprehensive backup solution, switching to VoIP solutions, etc.)

If this company doesn’t sound like you, I wouldn’t recommend the break-fix approach for your general IT support. Here’s why: In the end, you’ll be paying a pound of “cure” for problems that you could avoid with an “ounce” of prevention.

Why Regular Monitoring And Maintenance Is Critical For Today’s Computer Networks

In this day and age, everything we do in business relies on data. From emails to your building security system, there is almost nothing that does not use technology. As businesses become more dependent upon technology, its dependence upon IT security also increases. Protecting the business you’ve worked so hard to grow starts with maintaining these computer systems. If you do not maintain your computer networks, you’re leaving your data insecure. If you have any important data like confidential documents, projects, or client data stored on IT systems, you are an ideal target for cybercrime organizations all over the world.

These cybercrime organizations are usually after financial information and passwords in order to create fake identities for credit card fraud. Other times, they’ll want access to your computer network to do one of the following: Spread viruses or malware, host pirated software, send illegal spam, etc. Some cyber criminals compromise networks just for “fun”.

Cyber criminals are constantly looking for and inventing new ways to get around anti-virus software and firewalls. That’s why it’s important to be proactive against their attacks. A data breach would result in long-lasting financial damage on top of losing trust and damaging your business brand.

Even though a data breach is top of mind for most businesses these days, there are more common business “disasters” that proactive maintenance can take care of. To name a few: Hardware failures (the #1 cause of data loss), lost devices, tornadoes and other natural disasters, rogue employees and more! There is not a shortage of events that can interrupt productivity or destroy your valuable data or IT infrastructure.

If your business stores credit card or financial information, medical records and even client contact information, there are regulations you need to comply with. Keeping up with these regulations can be a time-consuming task for a business owner who is always short on time. Preventing all of the above while keeping your business up and running is what managed IT services is all about. You’ll find managed services is more cost effective for your business when compared to paying for emergency IT services (break-fix) to restore your systems to a working condition.

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