Our Clients

Hand-on owner with amazing staff

Thanks to BDS, we now have access to IT experts around the clock, which is important to us. With BDS support us, our staff has more time to do the work that’s important to our business versus maintaining our IT infrastructure. What I like most about BDS is that Huey is a hands-on owner and his staff is always a pleasure to deal with.

Kevin Jeffries
President & CEO
Leawood Chamber of Commerce

Keeps us running and safe

Huey bailed us out of a 4-day server outage and helped switch our systems to one with better security features. This system also had a proven backup which changed us from being reactive to proactive. It’s imperative we have a system that protects our clients’ data. It’s also important that we have support that keeps us running, especially during tax season. BDS brings both of those and more which what we’ve always needed!

Brenda Hoover
Hoover & Hibdon, PC

BDS is always looking out for us

Our company has gone though many phases with Business Data Services, from having BDS maintain and implement infrastructure to being our trusted IT consultants. Even though we have a long relationship with BDS, we make sure to compare multiple companies when it comes to projects and services. Comparing price, response time, delivery time and more, BDS runs on top. And they continue to do that which I think speaks a lot for the company.

Trinh Huynh
IT Director
Wilbert Funeral Services, Inc.

Allows our business to operate more efficiently

We’re a small company. Having BDS eliminates the need to hire in-house IT staff which saves us about $50,000 annually. The upgrade and update recommendations to our software and hardware help keep us up-to-date and allows our business to operate more efficiently.

Ginny Clardy
DDI Realty Services, Inc.

With BDS, we can focus on our core business

After working with BDS, my time spent addressing IT problems went from 3-4 hours per case to virtually 0. There has been less volatility within our network since we’ve brought BDS on. More often than not, BDS has fixed the problem faster than the time it would have taken to talk to a technician at the larger firms. With BDS, we have things operating smoothly and that’s what we need all along. Now we can focus on our core business.

Mike Wirtz
Assistant Controller
VanTrust Real Estate

Peace of mind

BDS brought me education along with peace of mind! As a photographer, it is vitally important that my backups are easy, reliable, and hassle-free. With BDS, I can download, store, copy, and edit without fear of loss of data. So grateful, and the people at BDS are top-notch and a joy to deal with.

Kelly Alley
President & CEO
Kelly Alley Photography

Provides a Multitude of Benefits

BDS is able to provide our company with a multitude of benefits. From eliminating the need to hire people in-house to suggesting software and hardware that fits our specific needs. The single most important thing is we can call BDS with many different opportunities or problems and have them help us.

John Patrick
Clay & Bailey Manufacturing Co.

Turns life’s lemons into lemonade

In an effort to maintain continuity over the years, we opted to utilize personnel who turned life’s lemons into lemonade. BDS has been steadfast over the years in their support of our business. By utilizing persons who were already familiar with our business processes, we saved the potential headaches that come with a learning curve. We’ve come to rely on them for everything from tablets, cellphones, workstation computers, servers and other specialized industry IT equipment.

Don Stokes
Office Manager
Public Water Supply District #2

Made the transition easy

Trusting an outside party to take care of IT services is always difficult since they have to touch so much sensitive information. BDS made the transition to assuming support of our systems very easy. They are always quick to respond and help whenever the need arises. Not only did they bring support to our company, they also brought education. I’m impressed at how they can improve our computers and network with just one visit. The BDS team is always professional and they look out for our best interest.

Jeffrey Alpert
Park Place Partners, LLC