Protecting Your Business Against Floods and Water Disasters

Imagine you just came back from a much-needed vacation. It’s been a while but you go about your routine like you usually do. It feels strange having to wake up early again but your body goes through the motions because it’s muscle memory. You stop by your favorite coffee shop and make your way to the office. As you pull into the parking lot, you see what appears to be constructions workers pulling soaked carpet and drywall from the building. You ask to hear what the story was.

It turns out someone had pulled the fire alarm the day before you came back from vacation and the sprinklers soaked the whole first floor. In disbelief, you run in and check on your office. All the furniture, desks, computers, and servers were soaked. Although devastated, you calmly call your IT company and ask them to virtualize your servers so you and your staff can work remotely.

Hopefully, this is the case for you!

While hackers and ransomware are a threat to your business, natural or man-made disasters can be just as devastating. If something like this were to happen to your business, can you confidently say your backup can keep your business running? Or would you lose critical business data that you could never get back? If you are leaning towards the latter, here is what great Business Continuity Planning can achieve for you.

Less Stress

You don’t have to stress over natural or man-made disasters wiping data from your servers. Stop worrying about what might happen in the future. With a strong and robust backup, your data is safe whether or not your on-site server is destroyed.

Reduce Downtime

Even if a disaster happens, you can have your whole system up and running in less than an hour. That means your team remains productive without having to stay idle. You can keep in touch with your customers and continue sales as well!

Remove the Human Factor

A good backup shouldn’t require you to plug in a hard drive or tape and copy your data to it manually every night. Your business deserves better. A great backup system does this task automatically and should be monitored by a team 24/7 to ensure it works.

You probably aren’t a fortune teller, but with our help, you can prepare for disasters that might happen from destroying your business. Business Data Services can help you achieve peace of mind with our stress-free business continuity solutions and disaster recovery services. Our dependable data and computer hard drive backups will take the fear out of running your business. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to find out more about our Business Continuity Planning!

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