What to Learn From the Government Scrutinizing Kaspersky

By now, you’ve probably heard the news about Kaspersky and the government. The news was so big, it made international headlines! Even today, we have people calling us and asking our opinion on Kaspersky. Although this seems to be more about the U.S.A. versus Russia, there is one take away business owners can learn from the government.

Continuously Review Your Network

As many of you have come to learn, no technology is perfect. New vulnerabilities are being found every day! Some businesses refuse to use technology because they believe paper is not susceptible to problems. In reality, paper is not perfect either! It can be stolen or copied. Although physical theft of paper and hardware is not as prevalent in today’s society, it is still a possibility to consider.

One thing the government is doing well technology-wise is not becoming complacent about technology and always scrutinizing whether a piece of technology is secure enough for their IT environment. When people become complacent, that is when their security starts to fail. Take Equifax for example. They were informed of a vulnerability months prior to the data breach. Their failure to act on that knowledge was what led to probably one of the biggest data breaches of the year.

As a business owner, you should also implement this practice of reviewing your network. Knowing the changes in the technology in your network is key for looking for ways to improve both productivity and security in the future. Not to mention protecting your clients and brand image that you worked so hard to build. Reviewing your network can also an important part of avoiding making the headlines for the local news!

While your small business is most likely the target of the Russian government, you don’t want your data getting into the wrong hands or stripped from you due to ransomware. Business Data Services’ Unified Threat Management (UTM) tool can help protect your network from threats that hope to exploit vulnerabilities in your network. If you pair UTM with our Managed Services, which proactively applies updates and monitors your network for you, your company will be protected from most threats. Call Business Data Services today at 913-239-0368 to find out more.

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